Testing your Emergency Lighting just became a whole lot easier

You’ve got better things to do than walk around pushing buttons and flicking switches on your emergency lighting. Cut out manual testing and record keeping and put it on autopilot with our wireless retrofit emergency lighting controller.



How We Help

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Safecility removes the pain of compliance by automating emergency lighting testing, legionella inspection and other compliance obligations.

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Results are automatically reported directly to you. You can access a full, up-to-date report of your compliance status instantly on desktop or mobile.

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Our service eliminates inspection costs and frees up time and valuable resources. It also improves compliance and first time fix rates too.


Safecility is a wireless tool that can be simply retrofit to make your existing compliance process ‘smart’.

Our products are all designed with local standards in mind to make sure you are fully compliant.

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DALI for Dummies

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is an internationally adopted two-way open protocol used to control lighting. DALI allows information to be transferred between lights such as on/off commands, fault details and diagnostics.

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