Are you still manually testing your emergency lighting?

Switch to paperless digital compliance for your buildings and estates.
Save time, money and free up resources.
Track compliance digitally with our smart sensors and automated reporting platform. 

What we do?

Automatic Testing

Automated Emergency Lighting testing without any technician visits.

Wireless Reporting

Real-time testing & compliance reports sent wirelessly to the cloud.

Secure Regular Reports

A platform with secure reporting, compliance and audit history.

See Everything

Our platform shows status for every single device, in every single building in your estate. Up to the minute.

Assign Works

Switch to completely reactive testing, compliance and repair by assigning works to your team immediately.


Cut annual visits by 90%.
Improve your compliance regime and save time, money and resources.
ROI: 1-3 years.

Talk to us about using IoT to lower
your compliance costs.

Our Supporters

We are delighted to work with our partners and customers below.

Relying on manual inspection and paper reports is now high-risk behaviour.

Let's do it better.

emergency lighting test report digital automated testing fire safety

Are your technicians still visiting site and completing paper emergency lighting reports?

It’s time to stop. We can help you.

  • Digital Testing

Automated your testing using our sensor or mobile app.

  • Mobile App

Safecility Lite mobile helps you upload paper tests or complete digital forms.

  • All Data in one Place

Collate all your compliance records for emergency lighting across entire estates in one place.

  • Avoid Vendor Lock-In

Our sensors are compatible with major brands so you can avoid vendor lock-in and roll out at your own pace.

  • Show Non-Compliance Immediately

Our colour-coded alerts show you errors upfront. Attend to failure first.

  • Assign Repairs
You can quickly assign repair work to your team members within the platform and track progress.

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