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Emergency Light Controller

Safecility’s autonomous wireless sensor turns standard emergency lighting into an automatic testing system.

Emergency lighting is battery operated lighting which illuminates in the event of a power outage. If you’re a building owner, installing, testing, checking and maintaining emergency lighting is legally required to ensure that the light and battery is capable of functioning properly in the event of an emergency.

With Safecility, your costly and time consuming on site testing is no longer needed as tests are executed remotely and faults recorded by our software platform.

Safecility Platform

Legionella Compliance

Safecility Legionella Compliance

Safecility’s IoT water temperature monitor enables businesses to cost effectively meet their statuatory obligations to provide a healthy and safe water supply

Legionella bacterium is mitigated through active monitoring of water outflow temperature. If the temperature conditions for legionella are not achieved, growth of the bacteria is prevented.

Daily reports are provided by Safecility so if potential conditions for the growth of legionella are detected, maintenance are informed and direct action can be taken before it can take hold.

Environmental Sensors

Discrete and easy to install, our environmental sensors help housing providers comply with regulatory requirements.

Landlords can remotely keep an eye on their properties to support residents with higher care needs while also reducing repair costs though the early detection of problems. Legislation in the UK and Ireland is in place to make sure that rental properties are fit for habitation. Tenants must be provided with accommodation that is safe, secure, warm, dry, correctly ventilated and with proper water supply.

Safecility Environmental Sensors

Safecility Pilot Kit

6 months of platform access included 25 Safecility devices + 25 compatible lights
Automatic emergency light testing
Immediately view any failures
Ready to use

Compliance Package

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  • Monitor your emergency lighting remotely
  • Receive notifications about compliance failures
  • Cut out the need for in person inspection and testing of emergency lights

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